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Frequently asked questions

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  • Do I need a deposit?
    Yes, depending on how big of a project we ask for 30 to 40% down.
  • Do you warranty your work?
    Yes we do, one year.
  • Do you charge for quoting?
    No, the quote is absolutely free.
  • What is the thickness that you recommend for my driveway?
    5 to 6 inches depending on who heavy the traffic will be.
  • What is the thickness that you recommend for my sidewalks?
    4 to 5 inches.
  • For how long do you respect the price you give me?
    6 months.
  • What quality of concrete do you use for your projects?
    We use city standard concrete, we provide the ticket that proves your concrete was tested in the plant.
  • How long does concrete take to cure?
    After one week concrete will be 80% cure, and take one month to fully cure.
  • Can I walk on the concrete the next day?
    You could, but we recommend giving 3 days without walking on the concrete to prevent scratches, since concrete will cure differently depending on outside temperatures.
  • What options of concrete fishing can I choose?
    You could choose different parents. For stamp, color, and cuts parents. For exposed aggregate you can choose color, size of rocks and saw cut parents. For broom finish concrete you could choose color, saw cut parents, hand cuts or saw cuts, also you could choose different sizes of edger, or we can eliminate the edger to give a more modern look, etc.
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